Code Samples

Small fragments of ABL code which illustrate some principle or technique

Una rutina para escribir con letras una cantidad, hasta 999,999,999,999.99

Here is this routine to translate a qty to string, it is spanish, right now, but I guess that is easy to translate to other idioms, in fact, I would like to know if you translate this to other languages.

No-focus bug vs feature

Prior to OpenEdge 10.1, when you click a no-focus, flat button in a window the window does not get focus. It's z-order among other windows is unchanged.

In 10.1A this feature (Progress calls it a bug) is fixed. Clicking a no-focus button now sets the focus to the window containing the button.

I'm looking for a way to get the old behaviour back.

How create an INSTALLER to my Progress Programs?

I developed a Payroll System in Progress Version 9.1E and I want to you tell me that way I can create an Installer or what program I can use to install my Payroll System in others computers.

The PCs where it is needed install the Payroll System have the next characteristics:
- Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000

I hope any solutions, thanks.

Outlook Code Samples

Recently many people have been asking some questions regarding progress integration with outlook. Well i found most my outlook samples that i had. Some were written by some weren't.

-Outlook 2000 and XP GLobal Defs
-Read/Write Tasks/Appts/Notes/Emails
-Creating Items
-Outlook Events
And many more!

Natural Language

dollars.p - converts decimal amount to text


The software began as a simple algebraic calculator. Send it an algebraic expression in a string and it would return a string representing the numeric result.

The idea was that software using the system would be able to keep equations in a parameter file or database table allowing the user to manipulate not just the numbers for a value in the system, but how to calculate that value to begin with!
Imagine allowing a user to not only tweak numbers of an inventory level equation, but to configure the actual equation to determine inventory levels!

Codejock ShortcutBar and CommandBarsFrame

This is my first attempt at a blog, forgive me for any newbie blog errors.
I'm developing a non-smart Progress window using the Codejock ShortcutBar and CommandBarsFrame controls.
I use Codejock 11.1 and Progress 10.1B01

I cannot share the actual code I developed, but I will try to share some of solutions for issues I encountered.



The items added using AddItem must be windows, passing the hWnd of a frame won't work.
Progress windows aren't really suited for this job, but with the extra undocumented

Get rid of those annoying dialogs when sending emails through outlook

This Code sample i posted at progresstalk. I found a place where i could write a snippet and have others be able to access it easily.

This little trick (I translated it from some VB code) will help you get away with the windows dialogs when sending email through out look.

I'm not a big user of SMTPMail.p because we have smtp disabled here, and we use MAPI. It seems like most people prefer SMTP. But i found a way to bypass outlook security. Get rid of those annoying windows dialogs that says another program is accessing outlook, do you allow this?

ABL(4GL) General Code Samples Book

This is the top level book/outline node for some general ABL (formerly known as Progress 4GL) code samples. This includes code snippets, code examples, utility programs, tricks, techniques, and patterns. There are other books and libraries for more specific topics, such as Win32 API programming and OO programming. This book is a more general catch-all.

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