Download Prolint

The following release files are zipped executables of a setup-program. The setup program is a Windows executable, but Prolint itself can run on any platform (uhm, sorry that's not true anymore: release 74 needs .NET in other words Windows).

Prolint is distributed under the terms of the LPGL license.

If you want to know what has changed, read the revision history.
If this is your first time download, please read the installation instructions.

Prolint for OpenEdge 10.2B (and up)

Prolint release 74 is the latest release. It requires the "proparse.NET" assembly and therefore it requires at least OpenEdge 10.2B (on Windows). Proparse.NET supports the newest OOABL syntax.

Download Prolint 74: click here

Prolint for Progress 9 and OpenEdge 10

Release 73 is the last release of Prolint that uses the old proparse.dll and turbolint. Support for Proparse.dll ended when OpenEdge 10.1 was current and fails when you use the new OpenEdge 10.2 syntax elements, like "finally", structured error-handling and some more new OOABL syntax.

Download Prolint 73: click here

Prolint for Progress 8

When you are using Progress version 8, then Prolint release 63 is for you. The later releases of Prolint won't run in Progress 8.

Download Prolint 63: click here

Unix tarball

You can browse releases (including the latest release) and fetch a tarball using the WebSVN interface here: Prolint Tags