The Progress STandard Libraries (STL)

The Progress Standard Libraries

In general the libraries are compatible with Progress version 9 and upwards and are O/S neutral, unless noted differently.

To install the libraries place the slib/ directory in a directory on your PROPATH and you're ready to go, no need to change your PROPATH.

I usually just copy the slib dir to every project I do.

To use a library add the library include file to the external procedure file.

Although the libraries are essentially persistent super procedures.

If you're looking for something, look in the libraries first.

Short overview - libpro.i - PROGRESS related commands. Sample: pro_getRunFile - Returns the actual .r or .p file a run statement will run. pro_breakWords - Basic code parsing command for breaking down code statements (See xml_getElementByAttr for an example use). Includes pro_cDlc, pro_cWorkDir, pro_cFullProPath etc. variables for the various PROGRESS directories. And &pro_xProversion preprocessor which has a double digit major release e.g. "09.1D" so comparing &PROVERSION 9 will *not* be bigger the "10". liberr.i - try/catch/throw etc. exception handling library. You'll find many example uses through out the libraries. But watchout! If a library command throws an exception and there are no try blocks to catch the exception. The exception will abort the current block, procedure, calling procedure etc. all the way up the calling stack until it exits the program. libdate.i - Date related commands. Sample: date_Date2Str - Converts date time values to strings in any thinkable format (almost). date_Str2Date - Converts strings to date time values back again. Includes week, quarter, month start/end dates etc. commands. libmath.i - Math related commands. Sample: math_getShortNum - For fitting large numbers in small formats. Includes various sin/cos/tan etc. trigonometric commands. libstr.i - String related commands. libmem.i - Memptr related commands. libwidget.i - Widget related commands. libtimeevnt.i - Timing events library. Modeled after JavaScript setTimeout/clearTimeout timing events commands. setInterval/clearInterval are not yet included but are planned for a future release. Unfortunately the library is based on the PSTIMER.OCX making it Windows GUI dependant. libos.i - O/S neutral commands. Sample: os_getTempFile - Returns an unused random temp filename in the session temp-dir (similar to adecomm/_tmpfile.p). os_getNextFile - Adds a counter the the file if the file aready exists. os_deleteTempFiles - Deletes stale PROGRESS temp files e.g. srt*, lbi*, dbi*, files created with os_getTempFile etc. A general cleanup command for deleting old temp files left over from previous sessions. os_breakPath/os_getSubPath - Breaks down a path into dir/file/ext. The libwin version includes host/shared dir/drive specific to Windows path/UNC. libwin.i - An extensive WIN32 API library. Includes various file system, processes, mouse/keyboards etc. commands. Sample: win_batch - Mainly used as a replacement to OS-COMMAND on Windows because OS-COMMAND does not always work. Also supports multiple commands and saves the errorlevel. libunix.i - UNIX related commands. liblog.i - Library for creating PROGRESS style log files prior to the LOG-MANAGER object. libxml.i - Sample: xml_getElementByAttr - Iterates through an XML document searching for specific tags and attributes (supports namespace-uri's). xml_getNextTag[SkipBlanks] - Used for drawing selective parts of an XML document. libzip.i - ZIP library. The library shells out to an external util. I used Info-ZIP because of the license and because it already comes pre-installed on most UNIX and Linux installations. libz.i - ZLIB library. libhttp.i - GET/POST etc. HTTP library. libweb.i - Webspeed and Webstate Library. libbidi.i - Bidirectional Algorithm library. Those of us with right-to-left languages will know what I'm talking about, especially, with a mixed Character and GUI enviroment. Currently only supports Hebrew although adding support for Arabic and Persian should be fairly easy. keybhe.i - Adds support for typing right-to-left languages in Character widgets. Named after KEYBHE.COM a similar DOS util (that unfortunatley does not work on PROGRESS and UNIX). Currently only supports Hebrew although adding support for Arabic and Persian should be fairly easy. libxlsx.i - Excel OpenXML library (not included with the standard libraries and still in beta). Library for generating Excel OpenXML (.xlsx) files. Also supports printing and converting to other file formats e.g. PDF, ODF, HTML, JPEG etc. Works on both Windows and UNIX/Linux and does not require Microsoft Office. libdocx.i - Word OpenXML library (not included with the standard libraries and still in beta). libqry.i - 4GL "Rank-Based" Query Optimizer library (not included with the standard libraries and still in beta). libsfdc.i - API library (not included with the standard libraries). Misc - office-html-2-dotp.p - Used for generating Excel .HTML files. getbarcode128b.p - Used for generating 128B barcodes with PDFInclude. cdomail.p - Mail util built on Windows CDO. Used as a version 8 replacement for smtpmail.p Future Libraries - libipc.i - Interprocess Communication Library. A library intended to offer some of the capabilities similar to multi-threading. That will allow for spawning processes and reliable communication between these processes using PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE type commands. Will also include a TICKER feature due to the lack of native timing events support. Although there are no documentations at this time please contact me if you have any questions or requests. Or help start a documentation project :) Alon Blich Email:


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