This project is for the maintenance and support of John Green's "jpjvm" DLL, which loads a JVM into a Progress/OpenEdge session.

Joanju's Progress to Java Virtual Machine linker is a DLL which allows you to load and use Java and a JVM from a Progress session.

We wrote JPJVM in order to make sure that the Java/Prorefactor work we have been doing would be accessible from Progress sessions. Now, you can use JPJVM in order to access your own Java classes and objects from Progress.

Rather than doing an OS-COMMAND every time you want to run a Java function from the 4GL, you can instead use JPJVM to load the VM once into memory, and then make function calls into classes loaded by the VM. Not only is this far more efficient, but you also gain the ability to use Java objects which persist between calls.

JPJVM is now free and open-source, as of December 2005.

Download (with source): see "Attachments" below.

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