OpenEdge Session Tracing

Tuning OpenEdge application code can be daunting for a beginner. Although the tools required to debug and tune your code are available in the 4GL, they are not always easy to use and understand. This toolset aims to simplify the process of tuning without requiring major (or any) changes to your code.

The major component (and the only required component) is the static class SessionTrace.cls. This allows you to enable tracing of table activity, index activity and timings per line of code; for either the entire session or just subsets of your session. It also allows taking multiple snapshots to independently trace different sections of code. You can choose to output the tracing data as an HTML report or as a text data dump.

The other component are GUI programs which allow you to import the text data dumps from SessionTrace sessions, trace compiled code without making changes to that code and trace ad hoc code from within the tools.

The GUI tool allows to you to trace compiled code without making changes to use the class and also allows tracing ad hoc query code.

Note: This requires the -tablerangesize and -indexrangesize database startup parameters to be appropriately sized for your database. You can use this KB entry to determine the proper settings for each parameter.


AttachmentSize - Complete set of code17.18 KB
SessionTrace.cls - Static class used to enable tracing54.9 KB
TraceMain.w - Main GUI tool31.11 KB
QuickCode.w - Called by TraceMain.w to enable ad hoc queries9.93 KB