KsvPlugin for OpenEdge Architect

KsvPlugin for OEA is a set of useful tools which allows you to make your work with OpenEdge Architect more productive and less painful. It softens project-centric paradigm of Eclipse allowing you to develop in good old way of Procedure Editor. The set includes some tools which were developed for Ksv Editor (a modification of Procedure Editor).


It works with OpenEdge Architect 10.2A. To install the plugin you should unzip it and copy the jar file into the %DLC%\oeide\eclipse\plugins folder where %DLC% is the OpenEdge installation folder. If everything's ok you'll see the new 'Ksv Tools' item in the OEA main menu. The package also contains .ksvprocedure file which is used by the ABL File (ksv) wizard and should be edited according to your needs and placed into your project's PROPATH.

How it works

The plugin includes several tools:

  1. Open file in PROPATH you type any filename in the file open dialog box and the tool will try to find and open it in the editor using your OE project PROPATH. If file is not in the current project, it'll be opened in readonly mode to prevent you from modifying it accidentally. In spite of the file's extension the file will always be colored as ABL file.
  2. Open files from Clipboard if your clipboard contain any filenames delimited by '\n' char the tool will try to find and open them in the editor. Filenames might have contain junk chars such as curly brackets, spaces, etc. If files are not in the current project, they'll be opened in readonly mode to prevent you from modifying them accidentally. In spite of the files' extensions all files will be colored as ABL files.
  3. Copy file to project copies the current file into your current OE project. The tool is especially useful along with two previous tools. As soon as the file is copied into the project it loses its readonly mode so you can modify it freely.
  4. Original file will be especially useful with the 'Copy file to project' tool because it shows the orginal file which was copied into the project. Apart from that the tool allows you to open the orginal file in the editor.
  5. Reopen as ABL file helps you if you have to edit an ABL file with a nonstandard extension. Using it you can reopen the file as ABL file and use all ABL features while you modify it.
  6. Build PROPATH Are almost all paths in your PROPATH subfolders of some root folder? If they are, the tool will be useful for you, because it allows you to choose some root folder and all its subfolders will be added into your PROPATH.
  7. Import aliases from OE Studio Does p4gl.als mean something for you? If it does, you'll find the tool useful, because now you can convert all your aliases from p4gl.als into eclipse's templates.
  8. About KsvPlugin shows you what version of KsvPlugin you're working with.

Apart from the tools the plugin includes a wizard for creating a new ABL file. It's called ABL File (ksv) and it can be found among the standard OpenEdge wizards. The new wizard allows you to create a new ABL file with any extension. It uses a template which is the .ksvprocedure file included into the package. When you create a new file the wizard looks for the template using your project's PROPATH and inserts it into the file replacing some tags. There are the following tags:

  • <name> filename
  • <date> date of creating a file
  • <who> author of a file
  • <year> year of creating a file
  • <comment> description of a file


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