Object-Oriented ABL Techniques

This group will serve as a focal point for discussions, examples, and projects intended to help people utilize the object-oriented language features which became available in OE10.1. The intention is to:
1) Develop established object-oriented design principles in a way that is consistent with a 4GL;
2) Provide OO-based contributions to OERA-compliant architectures; and
3) Assist in the utilization of OO techniques in the context of existing procedural code.
Contributions to this purpose will include white paper discussions, code fragments illustrating techniques, and complete model components to use in building applications.



table usage

Ho do we create a rule which will identify whether the program is using a DB table or not ?

Using .net user control with 4GL (adm2) container

The sample shows how a .net user control can be used with an ADM2 container. There is no specific support for ADM2 otherwise (links, etc) but it should be quite possible to modify the window super-proc to support automated display of date values in a date picker, f.ex, along the lines it's done for the JukeBox framework.


Super proc for container that keeps track of control(s) in window, (re-)creates the window menu as .net menu and manages resize of control(s)


Progress 4GL Wrapper for Zlib Library

Gzip encoding for Progress 4GL based on zlib library written by Jean-loup Gailly - http://www.zlib.net/

libxlsx Project

Hi all.

Does anyone know what happend to the libxlsx project?


help with name server ..

How can i get the server's name on wich I'm working ... I'm using a GUI application and it's connected to a linux server with a .ini and .pf file ..

does anybody know some code for get this??? I have tried with DB-REMOTE-HOST but it didn't work ...

How to install?

Hi, just trying to get this to work. So I installed OEA (10.1C), downloaded the zip, unpacked it in my testproject, then went on to step 3 from the installation guide:

3. Modify the dotr/Maia.cls as follows ....

But I cannot find a dotr/Maia.cls. There is a sports.cls that looks like it has the required structure, but should I rename/modify it? And where should it be placed?

I definitely could use a little more help here.

Architect result view does not re-appear if it has been closed

Eclipse 3.6
OpenEdge 10.2B04

Run a test using Extensibility -> Run As Tests
Close the view containing the result
Run the same test
The result window does not re-appear


Maia is a Progress ABL code generator that takes a user-defined template and produces clean, understandable, consistent code. If you have ever copied and pasted a block of code, then Maia is for you. Maia removes the need for manual code duplication.

Even better, Maia removes the need for the vast majority of dynamic coding, making your code understandable to the programmer that follows you

Corrupted Progress Database

Dear All,

Please anybody tell me how to fix my corrupted Progress database.
I've tried to do :
- proutil "mydb" -C truncate bi -F
the error is 'stack buffer overflow'


Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

OEUnit - Unit Testing Framework 1.2

Download: OEUnit-1.2.zip
Size: 183.64 KB
md5_file hash: c9e7ddd4fb1dd5ca7773f33ac9382293
First released: Sun, 2011-02-20 08:41
Last updated: Sun, 2011-02-20 08:39

Updated for OpenEdge 10.2b (Required)
Includes other minor changes and improvements to framework documentation

abljson 1.1

Download: ablJSON1.1.exe_.zip
Size: 390.55 KB
md5_file hash: cd38d5af5f9024a4d0d9b4957863a025
First released: Mon, 2011-01-10 10:44

Windows install kit, include the binary shared library for cJSON.

EQN II Symbolic Mathematics Library Released

EQN II is ready for release! Open Source symbolic mathematics library available for Progress ABL/4GL here http://bit.ly/hetmA3

Need OpenEdge on-line certification


Is there any on-line certification (free/pay) for OpenEdge any varion?

Sridevi Stalin

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