Help for PDFInclude Replace Text

Good Morning.
I need a help, with the PDFInclude library
I need to generate a PDF document, based on another PDF template document.
When copying the file into the new generated, I must change a word within the template.
Eg, inside the pdf file, read the string "& OP" and when generating a new swap file
the string by the number of the Production Order.
If someone has a very simple model, and I'm very grateful.
I'm trying to use the procedure: pdf_ReplaceTxt, but to no avail.

Thank you

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Replacing text within a pdf file

Hi Carlos
1. pdf_ReplaceText is not used to replace text from an external pdf. It is used to replace strings into the text *you* have produced when merging different pdf streams (think pdf_merge_stream).
2. replacing text within the pdf template (or external pdf document) itself is very complicated due to the way the pdf format is defined, and has not been implemented in the v3.3 version nor in the new pdfInclude 5.1. Instead you should use a pdf form and fill it with your variable text (pdf_fill_text). Warning: the 3.3 version is very nitpicking about the pdf forms it is able to open (see front page of pdfinclude in the oehive), whereas version 5.1 can open and process any pdf form.

Good Morning. Thank you very

Good Morning.
Thank you very much, I'll proceed this way.