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I have one query on PDF417, currently we have in our organization a software which his using PDF417 font. But now we are planning to print the PDF using PROGRESS (version Open Edge 11) with PDF Include library and use the same “PDF417” font for Barcode printing.
We are trying to get this font but not able to get the all the files, Can anyone guide us how to implement this font?

Thanks in advance !


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You can generate the barcode

You can generate the barcode using Zint (produces a image) and then put on your PDF.

I do with QrCodes and work great.

Hi baltazar, Surely, i will

Hi baltazar,
Surely, i will evaluate this option of using 3rd party software. But our preferable option is to generate the barcode using PROGRESS code.
I see it additionally requires CMake and libpng utilities to Install Zint.
Also, can you pls confirm if we need to have root access to install Zint on UNIX ? and guideline to install Zint in UNIX.


I am using Windows.. Don´t

I am using Windows.. Don´t test on Unix!


Hi Taresh

Can you please explain better what you are going to do in Progress?

PDF-417 is not only about a font, there is a quite complicated algorithm in order to output the bar code correctly. By the way "PDF" in this context is not even cousin to the pdf document format ("Portable document format", see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PDF). PDF stands for Portable Data File (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PDF417).

So, are you going to have an external system doing the conversion "string to pdf-417 representation" or do you plan to implement this is in Progress?

All you need is this conversion algorithm + a pdf-417 font which will display the result under the form of a bar code.

Please explain so that I can give better pointers.


PDF417 barcode

Hi JC,
Sure. PFA the existing output ("Invoice-Sample.pdf") we are generating via external software. We will be removing the external software and want to use the PROGRESS language for printing the output.
Till now, we have achieved almost everything, except the 2D barcode printing. Herewith i am sharing the sample PROGRESS code "xxinvpri.p" developed to print the output in desired format but in this we used "code39" which is linear one. Since we are storing multiple values & as per our Business requirement we need 2D barcode to be printed.

My question is, like we have Code39.afm & Code39.ttf already available but i am not able to find the similar files for "PDF417" 2D barcode. If you can guide me how to achieve "PDF417" 2D barcode printing it will be great help.

Als, we are using "PDFInclude-2011" library for the testing.
Herewith i am attaching all the files FYR. Pls remove ".txt" from code39 files.


Code39.ttf_.txt16.58 KB
Code39.afm_.txt11.63 KB
xxinvpri.p8.24 KB
Invoice-Sample.pdf214.44 KB


Hi Taresh
OK I get it.
PDF417 is far more complicated to encode than Code39.
Basically it works the same: you encode your string into a string that you will display using a specially crafted pdf417 font.
For code39, encoding means basically adding "*" before and after the string.
For PDF417, I have an implementation which takes more than 500 lines of ABL code.
This implementation makes use of pdfInclude 5.1, the new generation pdfInclude.
If you are interested in purchasing a licence for this (in which I would of course include the pdf417 code), feel free to contact me via private message (http://www.oehive.org/user/1944) in order to discuss the conditions.