Handling an External PDF file using PDFInclude


1) I have a pdf file generated from an external source. I wanted to handle this pdf through PDFInclude. Can it be possible?

2) I also wanted to change the settings for that pdf file like its height width etc. can it be possible?

3) Can printing of this PDF be handled by PDFInclude?


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Can't Get an Openable PDF When Using pdf_open_PDF.

I have version 3, and I have followed the basic sample in "PDFInclude PRO Documentation.doc", and all I ever get is a corrupt PDF that cannot be opened and is only 10.7k in size. The original template is 16 pages and is 192k in size. I attached a sample piece of test code that only attempts to fill-in one field on page 1. At this point, I would be happy to get a PDF that just looks like the original and can be opened with Acrobat.

Also, I have used pdfinclude for years to generate NEW pdf files "from scratch". It is only trying to create from another PDF that I get an un-openable file.

test.p931 bytes

Hi The old v3 version is


The old v3 version is often unable to open external pdf files. It often fails silently and generates corrupted pdf files.
The way it reads the external files makes it impossible to fix properly. The SVN version on OEHive has my attempts to fix some bugs I had then, allowing me to open the pdf files generated by OpenOffice v3. I assume that today there is a great possibility that it would not work any more with more recent versions.

pdfInclude v5 has received a lot of bug fixes and a completely rewritten pdf parser, thus allowing to open any pdf file. It can open the pdf, recreate it exactly the way it was, add some information on it, use the pdf form (if there is one), s.o.

However it is not currently available for download. Please contact me by a private message if you are interested.



Hi 1) yes: ** the version on


1) yes:
** the version on OEHive is a bit nitpicking about the format of input pdfs. if you have problems with it I can provide a version with a rewritten pdf parser, please contact me for details.

2) can you detail your use case? do you want to crop the file or to "zoom" it?

3) currently not. if the printer accepts it (or the print system, e.g. CUPS does), the better imho is to copy the file to the printer device. Thus the printer receives the pdf and interprets it itself.