Thank you

This page is intended to provide recognition for people who have contributed to the development of this utility. I will probably forget someone, for which apologies are offered, but I will try.

  • James Palmer - testing and interaction about problems.
  • Simon Prinsloo - testing and interaction about problems.
  • Stefan Houtzager - testing, feedback on issues and actual code to fix problems and add features, and a sample report.
  • Stefan Drissen - platform transportability feedback, testing, interaction about problems, suggested algorithm improvement, info on LISTING large files.
  • Mike Fechner and Marian Edu for adding some version 11 syntax to Proparse
  • John Green for creating Proparse in the first place and for adding additional syntax and providing usage guidance.

And, of course, one can't forget the communities at PEG, Progresstalk, and PSDN for important information as questions have come up.