Change Log

See below for pre-1.00 log
1.01 - Initial Proparse release. Includes tracking of shared variables
1.02 - Convert to case insensitive GUID keys
1.03 - Add all shared object types - buffer, browse, dataset, frame, menu, query,
          stream, temp-table, variable, and work-table.
1.04 - Change compilable test to look for XREF
1.05 - Add Proparse buffer tracking to BuildBlocks to resolve buffer names to
1.06 - Bug fixes in BuildBlocks
1.07 - Additional Proparse utilities and revised handling
1.08 - Revisions for logical & physical DB names and aliases
1.09 - Bug fixes for shared objects
1.10 - Bug fixes for blocks with multiple buffers
1.11 - Shift in strategy for collecting buffers in BuildBlocks to get buffer
          parameters plus new Proparse utility SharedInfoList.
1.12 - Add Assigned From/To to Shared Variable tracking
1.13 - Fix bug and add log option in TestScanner
1.14 - Scope qualifier for shared objects, support for class scope qualifiers, and
          variable vs property.
1.15 - Support for multiple tables in a shared query.
1.16 - Restructuring BuildBlocks and BuildShared to create a fresh Proparse
          environment for each compile unit.
1.17 - Collecting field lists and additional info on shared queries.
1.18 - Revise Driver.cls to eliminate Proparse
1.19 - Modify BuildSchemaDF to ignore Alternate Buffer definitions.
1.20 - Improve detection of inappropriate incremental .df
1.21 - Add tree walk option to TestScanner
1.22 - Add tracking of include file containing RUN (Stefan Houtsager)
1.23 - Fix to TreeScanner