Compiling xcode on Linux

Project:The Progress STandard Libraries (STL)
Category:support request

I'm having trouble compiling with slibmath.i on Linux, can't figure out the problem. According to the app compiler output it appears to have backslashes in the include file path, but I have checked and this is not the case!

Just in case it was TTY related, I tried character mode on Windows and it still compiles fine.

Any suggestions? Compiler output below:

15:12:33 Looking for common/tnaproc3_w.p
Compiling common/tnaproc3_w.p
** "libsliblibmath.i" was not found. (293)
** ./common/tnaproc3_w.p Could not understand line 22. (193)
** Unable to understand after -- "= math_deg2rad". (247)
** ./common/tnaproc3_w.p Could not understand line 35. (198)
** Unable to understand after -- "= math_deg2rad". (247)

Include code (where 'slib' is on the propath)