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The Site Map, aka Hive Map, and the Yellowpages are both customized versions of the Site Map module from Drupal ... and very nice customizations they are, too. However, neither is an actual node so there is a problem in trying to put the Yellowpages on the Site Map. The Site Map is constructed by adding terms from the Navigation Taxonomy (under Administer->Categories) to a node. Since there is no Yellowpages node, there is nothing to apply the taxonomy term too. I have kludged this for now by creating a Yellowpages_link node, applying the taxonomy to that, and providing a link on that page to the actual Yellowpages. What is needed is either:
1. Modify the hivemap code in some way to hardwire the yellowpages link; or
2. Modify the yellowpages_link node in such a way that it automatically forwards to the actual yellow pages display; or
3. Something I haven't thought of.

Note, the same problem does not exist with white pages since that is a regular node.


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Ah, now I understand what the problem is.
I have created node 1934. It is a normal page node and it is titled "Yellowpages" and I have assigned it the Navigation taxonomy so it appears in the sitemap under "Weblinks".

Then I edited the node ( /node/1934/edit ) so the body is in the "php code" input format, and in the body I entered <?php drupal_goto('yellowpages');?>
That seems to do the trick.

I see there is also a book titled "Yellowpages" and that book (which has no pages, only a cover) is also on the sitemap under "weblinks". I suggest it can be removed.

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That does do the trick, thanks. The book, now removed, was the yellowpages_link node I mentioned whose only content was an < A link to the yellowpages. The goto was the secret.

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