can't connect to any subversion repository at oehive anymore

Project:The Hive project
Category:bug report

Today I noticed that I cannot reach any of the subversion repositories at oehive anymore. I have tried url's like "svn://" from TortoiseSVN from different computers, for different repo's, with and without firewalls but allways get a message like connection refused.
No idea how long this situation already exists, because I have been horribly passive for a long while. May perhaps be caused by Westhost VM conversions??


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Priority:normal» critical
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Hi Jurjen, it's more likely that I broke something. I've been trying to get git and gitweb installed and running. Most of what I've done so far should not have affected anything running on oehive. I think the most likely culprit is that I installed a newer version of libcurl. Here's what I've done so far:

- Created sub-domain
- Installed curl/libcurl. (WestHost had libcurl, but no include headers for compiling against)
- Installed git. (Installed into default directory: ~)
- Copied (build-dir)/gitweb/git* to /var/www/
- Created and edited /var/www/cgi-bin/gitweb_config.perl.

I will start investigating right away. I sure don't want SVN out of commission!

I will start by bouncing the machine. If that doesn't work I'll check the logs, and upgrade SVN (it's due anyway, and maybe building against the latest libcurl will help).

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Something restarted the WestHost virtual machine at midnight, and svnserve didn't restart at that point. I can launch svnserve manually, but it's not getting launched at boot time. It's supposed to be started by xinetd, so maybe something is wrong with xinetd. Still investigating...

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Status:active» fixed

It's working now, but I don't know why. I fiddled a bit with /etc/xinetd.conf, but I don't think any of the changes I made should have fixed anything. I changed it to write to a log file rather than use 'syslog', since syslog is not installed on WestHost. But, it was working before, so I doubt that's what got it working again.

I'll mark this issue as 'fixed' for now. If we have any more trouble with xinetd then maybe I should just drop it and create entries in /etc/init.d instead.

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thumbs up! thanks