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subversion account


I made some updates to prolint. I managed to do a subversion checkout in Architect.
But I cannot commit any changes.

Can you add my account to subversion ?

Making it an Eclipse project added

  • .project
  • .propath
  • assemblies.xml

Is it ok to commit those or should I ignore these files ?

Your submission has triggered the installed spam filter and will


I have not been able to post anything using my original account (zaphod) for a while now because I kept getting the following message:
Your submission has triggered the installed spam filter and will not be accepted.

The only way I was able to post anything was by creating a new account.

Please transfer all my previous account information to my new account (blogs, posts, etc.)

for each posts where posts.user = zaphod exclusive-lock:
assign posts.user = gougeonr.

my project here

Hi! I see my project, pro2mysql somehow made it here ;) Cool ;) Can I "own" it to post updates, etc? The version here is quite old.

PLEASE stop ALL mail to me!


I have done through my settings and likked ALL links to any projects and tried to find the "delete my account" button but was unable to do so and even with rmoving myself from all sections I am still getting "[pdfinclude] [support] Use of Fonts in PDFInclude form fields" emails.

PLEASE kill ALL email to me and kill my account. My email address in this system is and herohog is my login ID.

Thank you very much.

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Create Account Error

Ashley Hancock wrote on the PEG on 4 nov 2011:

Create Account

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query: LOCK TABLES cache_page WRITE in /var/www/html/ on line 174.
* user warning: in /var/www/html/ on line 174.

Run Crystal Report 11 in Openedge

I ask, Run Crystal Report XI in Openedge, can give me an example of a small program to run a crystal report XI file (. RPT) in openedge, Thanks
SimakBaca secara fonetik

delete account

how do i delete account here .......

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But then, why would you want

But then, why would you want to delete it. Just remove all your group memberships to stop getting e-mail.

re: delete account

Click "My account" in the menu on the right, then "Edit" and then you'll see a Delete button near the bottom of the page. I will do it for you..

Delete account

I would like to delete my account. I followed the instructions posted to another member a couple of years ago but I cannot see a delete button under My Account--> Edit...

Please delete my account.