Watched folder

by Gordon Campbell

I created a test program that illustrates how to 'watch a folder' in MS
Windows.  The code can be downloaded at:
The sample watches a directory called c:\watch\in and via an IP
(ProcessFile) moves the contents to c:\watch\out.
The ProcessFile IP can be modified to process a file in the 'in' directory.
You could use this to automate conversion of text files to PDF via
PDFinclude or automate the sending of documents to e-mail addresses .... or
whatever automated process you would consider when dealing with a file.
Gordon Campbell
WIKA Instruments Ltd.


This source code example uses the following Win32 API functions:
* FindFirstChangeNotificationA
* FindCloseChangeNotification
* FindNextChangeNotification
* WaitForSingleObject


Just to be on the safe side, I have also attached a copy of his source code:

Attachments : original from Gordon Campbell