PSC has created AutoEdge as an example application example to illustrate the OpenEdge Reference Architecture. The idea and purpose of AutoEdge is to provide practical definition and examples of OERA and illustrates many aspects of modern ABL and Sonic code and technique. AutoEdge is what an application, with certain ‘business requirements’, might look like if architected and designed following the OERA guidelines.

The complete AutoEdge kit is available here

Using all features of the complete kit requires OpenEdge 10.1A including Sonic, WebSpeed, AppServer, and IIS. The more recent version of the installer is supposed to allow you to install without all of these in place, but there are certainly aspects of the application which you can't try without all of this.

If you want to just look at the code, you can download it here

This project on OE Hive is intended to supplement what is available from the PSDN downloads and forums with additional materials and commentary.