Sample Reports

While it is possible that fancier and more sophisticated reports and inquiries will arise on top of ABL2DB over time, not the least of which is its possible role as the front end for ABL2UML, it is likely that the bulk of analytical report for ABL2DB will be specific, project oriented programs. Fortunately, they are also likely to be quite simple. Therefore, the samples presented here are not fancy works of art, but very simple little programs designed to get the desired information with as little development effort as possible. In particular, they are all simple .ps so they can just be run, modified quickly, and run again. In all cases the relevant parameters are at the top of the program so one can easily pick different functions or schema elements or whatever to report on without altering the program. But, if any different information is desired for any particular report, then adding the information should be simple as well.

I hope that users will contribute their own reports so that we will build up a library to make it easier for people to get started with ABL2DB.